Final Project

Courtesy of the volunteers at the Historic Flight museum, the focus of this project was hands at work. Special thanks to Ben and Sam!


Another Famous Photographer (Extra Credit)

Another famous photographer I came by over this weekend was Irving Penn. Known for his portraits, still life, and fashion photography, Mr. Penn’s work has been featured in several famous magazines. What I like most about Mr. Penn’s work is his still life series. Most of his still life feels extremely chaotic and yet also perfectly regimented and organized. Here is a link to his some of his incredible work.


Famous Landscape Photographer (Extra Credit)

Over the weekend I decided to randomly look up some famous photographers and I thought I would share it with you guys. One of the photographers I liked the most was Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams was a landscape photographer who lived from 1902 Р1984. Throughout his life, Ansel Adams helped shape the landscaping industry. I like his photos because they perfectly display the beauty and magnificence of nature. Here is a link for you guys to check out some of his work!