Black and White Images (extra credit)

here is an article on how to specifically take good black and white pictures. I did some black and white pics for my final assignment, but I wish I had read this first. Give it a read if black and white pictures are your thing.

Another Famous Photographer (Extra Credit)

Another famous photographer I came by over this weekend was Irving Penn. Known for his portraits, still life, and fashion photography, Mr. Penn’s work has been featured in several famous magazines. What I like most about Mr. Penn’s work is his still life series. Most of his still life feels extremely chaotic and yet also perfectly regimented and organized. Here is a link to his some of his incredible work.


Famous Landscape Photographer (Extra Credit)

Over the weekend I decided to randomly look up some famous photographers and I thought I would share it with you guys. One of the photographers I liked the most was Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams was a landscape photographer who lived from 1902 – 1984. Throughout his life, Ansel Adams helped shape the landscaping industry. I like his photos because they perfectly display the beauty and magnificence of nature. Here is a link for you guys to check out some of his work!

Interesting Photography YouTube Channel (Extra Credit)

This YouTube channel is one that I regularly watch, and I thought it would be nice to share it. The guy who runs the channel works a lot with film photography, specifically medium format, and he brings you along with him to show you the process of shooting photos, from landscaped to portraits. I find them very entertaining to watch and also very insightful! He also has a series where he interviews popular film photographers, which is also a very entertaining segment to watch. Below is the link to his YouTube channel.

Techniques for Posing Models (Extra Credit)

I really like this article because it has a lot of simple and clear instructions that can help the model and the photographer. A lot of the tips it has are things that the photographer can adjust by themself, without having to instruct the model. I think that is pretty helpful, considering that a lot of people can be overwhelmed by the whole experience of being photographed, and further instruction could be even more overwhelming. I like that this article makes a lot of the posing up to the angle the photographer takes or, at the very least, makes the instructions super clear so any model–experienced or not– can do exactly what it says.–photo-15608


Great Photography Locations in Washington (Extra Credit)

One of the reasons I wanted to take a photography class this last quarter is I wanted to force myself to get out and visit different beautiful locations in the area. I didn’t end up having a whole lot of time to do that during school, but I am hoping this summer I will be able to go and visit a lot of these places in my free time and get more out of my visits because of what I learned in this class. I thought these articles might be relevant to you guys considering that you live in the area too. 😀

Local Photographer (Extra Credit)

One photographer that I am very fond of is Michael Bala. I met Micheal one day at a skate park on Beacon Hill in Seattle. At the time I was not aware he was a talented photographer. But come to find out he is! He has multiple bodies of work and they are all very attractive to me. I believe that all of Michael’s photos are film and are shot on a medium format camera. This gives his images a look that I personally find very pleasing to the eye. A lot of his work is very nostalgic and warm, another aspect of photography that I adore. Below are some images that can be found on his website. (

The specific photo of the houses at night are something that I personally want to dabble in. The flash at night gives a very nice feel to the image, almost scary and morbid like.

Bala also has a body of work called “Last Sense” which I will link below.