“Portrait” Photographer

Although not necessarily a portrait photographer, Edward Curtis’ portraits of Native American people are some very beautiful pieces of art. I really enjoy looking at his photos because of how they look aesthetically, and the people in the photos. The people look so solemn and peaceful and I find it pleasing to look at.


Geronimo, 1905


Mosa-Mohave, 1904


Texture Assignment

For my texture assignment I decided to use pictures of some knitted blankets and pictures of my two cats. I used the blankets because I thought that the contrast between cool and warm colors was nice,  I also used these blankets because each one has a different pattern used. I used pictures of my cats because I felt that I could grab interesting textures from them and the things they use everyday.


Interesting Photographer Platon

Photographers, I feel, have a certain way of showing things, of being able to capture the emotion on someone’s face, or the beauty of the landscape. They know how to make things look a certain way. They know the best ways to bring out their environment. They make people feel things they wouldn’t feel normally looking at a setting. And that’s something I can applaud them for.

The photographer who interests me the most is the British photographer Platon. He’s shot portraits for Rolling Stone, Time magazine, Vanity Fair, and many other publications. The way he can capture the emotion in someone just by photographing their face is quite intriguing to me. A lot of the pieces of work I had viewed from him were in monochrome, and I felt that whether they’re in color or not he’s able to produce very stylish, professional, and high quality pieces of work. What has also sparked this interest is that he doesn’t shoot photos digitally opting for the use of film, which from a viewpoint of someone who doesn’t do photography as a hobby or job is pretty dang cool. Platon_MansonPlaton_ObamaPlaton_TonyBennett