Final Project

I chose to do Portraits for my final project with many different people. I goal was to get critical focus, dynamic images, and to show life through the ages.









Cell Phone Landscapes

The first two photos were taken at a beach in Port Hadlock on a stormy day with a Samsung Galaxy s5. The third photo was taken at Salt Creek also with the Galaxy s5. The fourth photo was taken at Lake Cushman with an Iphone 6 plus.


Portrait Photographer

I chose Vivian Maier as my favorite portrait photographer. Her work caught my eye with the authentic feel of her subjects. I felt as though I was stepping into a day in their lives in one photograph. Her portraits told a story that left me wanting to know more about that moment, the background behind that single snapshot. These portraits inspire me to go out and capture authentic moments.



My first collection of textures was based on the contrasts between rock, water, and plants. I tried to show the life through the movement of water, the serenity of the still rock, and the vitality of the living vegetation.

Final Layout

My second collection of textures was made up of objects that gave the feeling of fall and Halloween. The colors of the four corners seemed like autumn to me.

Layout 4