Samsung Galaxy S6

Pali Lookout, Hawaii
Mt. Rainier, Washington
Haystack Rock, Oregon
Ecola State Park, Oregon

Characteristics of a surface

My first collection of textures consist of vegetation. I tried to capture contrasting colors and different elements – leaves, blades of grass, bark and a stem. veg layout

My second collection consists of different walls and perimeters. A brick wall, stones, chain link, steel cable and barbed wire are just some examples of materials used to establish a boundary. wall layout

Photography that moves me

I started running in junior high school, many years ago.  Back then it was the 100 and 200 meter sprints. As I transitioned to high school my running began to transition as well. While I still considered myself a sprinter, I found myself falling in love with cross country during the fall season. I loved the freedom and challenge cross country provided. Leaving the track behind I was able to explore new terrain as each 5k course took me through a different trail. I was hooked and since graduating high school the distances I run keep growing. I recently completed my second ultra marathon, a 50k trail run in Park City, Utah. I am addicted to that feeling I get when I cross the finish line. There is definitely a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with conquering something you once thought was impossible.  As you toe the starting line you are filled with many emotions like excitement, anticipation and also fear. Fear that you didn’t train enough, didn’t eat the right things that morning and fear that you might not make it to the end. At races there is a wide range of people and abilities, from beginners to professionals, everybody is there to prove something to themselves.

Two photographers that inspire me are Rick and Kristi Mayo, owners of Mile 90 photography. They are race photographers that travel around the Midwest to different events. Rick and Kristi were able to create a business combining their love of running and photography. They are self taught and you can see their creative process evolve with each race as they try new angles and experiment with light. Their pictures capture action and the movement of each runner on that course. Their pictures go beyond the typical beautiful landscape photo and add a personal accomplishment factor. Nature is gorgeous on its own but when you add the elegance of human performance, you have a very powerful photo. (Photo Rick Mayo)sh100-2017-3756