Phone photos and Prisma

If I had only seen this assignment before driving back from Montana on Monday, I would have had some great shots of interesting features on a foggy morning near Hot Springs, but as it is, I was pleasantly surprised with the apps and their abilities to make interesting visual effects. I had taken these apps for granted as overused and easy, but I realize it’s a useful tool for social media and advertising. -Eric

One of my favorite portrait artists: Brandon Stanton

I don’t really have favorites of anything, but I usually have “top tens,” however, when I thought of this assignment, one of the first people I thought of was the creator of “Humans of New York.” I remember when his work first came out. It was simple but profound. It represents what I came to enjoy about photojournalism. When we were low on ideas for stories on deployment, our LPO would always say, “there’s 5,000 stories on board this ship… go find one!” If we pay attention, we realize everyone has more value than we tend to give most people.

Brandon Stanton


At the dog park: Motion capture, blur and zoom

Zoom blur: f/16 1/8sec ISO 100
Motion blur: f/25 1/8sec ISO 100
Panning blur: f/29 1/4sec ISO 100
Motion capture: f/5.6 1/800sec ISO 500

I really enjoyed this shoot because I had an idea of what I wanted to see in my photos, but while that did not happen, I was delighted to see what I actually got. I was pleased that I took several extra shots of each action to ensure something useable came out (Plus, I got to play with dogs!).

Amos Chapple

A couple years ago, I came across the work of Amos Chapple. A post on Imgur showed off his aerial photography. The unique thing about his aerial work was that he started using drones to capture international landmarks early on, when drones started to become widely available. He travelled to areas in Asia and Russia and captured great photos in places that began to ban the use of drones not long after he took his shots. As a result, his photos are some of the only ones showing unique locations from an aerial perspective. He is also a freelance photographer who has made a name for himself taking National Geographic quality portraits and spending time with ancient reindeer herders in Siberia.