Favorite Portrait Photographer

Dorothea Lange, portrait photographer catches my eyes with her photos. With her photos she captures the essence of a cultural perspective. Lange captures the real moments of people in a black and grey photo shot. One of my favorite photo’s of her’s is the one below. It shows two children, slightly dirty and the mother in deep thought, shows her stress marks and age in it while the children hold on to there mother for comfort. To me it like realism in photography one where you are not always smiling in every picture.


Texture assignment

2nd layout fin.jpgThis is my more simple and straightforward layout. The textures all go together as they are all man-made and contain tints of blue and grays. My logic behind it all was to capture the man-made items, which have a hint of blue and gray to them so that they are compatible in this layout.

3rd layout.jpgThis layout is more of a creative itch. I have chosen these pictures to go together, because they all tend to have the same glossy look or grassy texture. In this layout there also contains more color themed opposed to my first layout. These pictures contain nature related textures with tints of a blue green.