Interesting Photography YouTube Channel (Extra Credit)

This YouTube channel is one that I regularly watch, and I thought it would be nice to share it. The guy who runs the channel works a lot with film photography, specifically medium format, and he brings you along with him to show you the process of shooting photos, from landscaped to portraits. I find them very entertaining to watch and also very insightful! He also has a series where he interviews popular film photographers, which is also a very entertaining segment to watch. Below is the link to his YouTube channel.

Local Photographer (Extra Credit)

One photographer that I am very fond of is Michael Bala. I met Micheal one day at a skate park on Beacon Hill in Seattle. At the time I was not aware he was a talented photographer. But come to find out he is! He has multiple bodies of work and they are all very attractive to me. I believe that all of Michael’s photos are film and are shot on a medium format camera. This gives his images a look that I personally find very pleasing to the eye. A lot of his work is very nostalgic and warm, another aspect of photography that I adore. Below are some images that can be found on his website. (

The specific photo of the houses at night are something that I personally want to dabble in. The flash at night gives a very nice feel to the image, almost scary and morbid like.

Bala also has a body of work called “Last Sense” which I will link below.

My Favorite Photographer

My favorite photographer at the moment would hands down be the work of Corey Olsen. Corey Olson captures beautiful ad-like photos that can be seen in many ads for companies such as The New York Times and Esquire. I enjoy Olsen’s work because of the bright vivid colors and nostalgic photos. A lot of his photos are so perfect and nice to look at, but at the same time he will photograph something very imperfect and put it in a controlled, contrasting environment. His work also fascinates me because he only uses digital, while most of my favorite photographers are film shooters, so seeing his work is quite refreshing.

Here is some of his work:

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