Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is an American humanitarian photographer.   I discovered her while looking at Portrait Photographers for this assignment.  Normally, I love to take pictures of landscapes.  Her work is so inspiring that I plan to spend more taking pictures of people.





F Stop and Shutter Speed


ISO 800, F/5.6, 1/40 Sec


ISO 800, F/8.0, 1/20 Sec


ISO 800, F/16, 1/5 Sec


ISO 800, F/20, 0.4 Sec


Shutter Speed


ISO 3200,  F/8.0,   SS   1/6


ISO 3200,  F/5.6,  SS 1/10


ISO 6400, F/5.6, SS 1/30


ISO 3200,  F/4.0,  SS 1/80


ISO 6400,  F/3.7,  SS/160





















Vibrant Textures

I focused on patterns and vibrancy for my Textures Project.  At the Harborside Fountain Park I took pictures of things I thought contained great texture patterns.  It was more challenging than I thought it would be, especially when I tried  put the textures together in a logical theme.  I also went to Seattle to look for patterns I could emphasize as patterns.  Ultimately, I ended up at Pike’s Place taking pictures of bouquet flowers which I did not  consider until I was taking the picturesTexture Patterns.

Lightroom (P1000394.RW2 and 3 others)

Lightroom (P1000401.RW2 and 1 other)

Creative Style

I love taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets and sunrises. However, my favorite photographer is Annie Leibovitz, an American portrait photographer.   It is her artistic creative style, bold colors, and ability to capture the depth of soul in her subject’s eyes that catches my breath. Magical, mystical, spiritual, untethered and free are a few of words that come to mind when I look at Annie’s work.  She takes her work seriously and likes to get to know the people she photographs.  She approaches the art with an intimacy that creates outstanding portraits.