Another Famous Photographer (Extra Credit)

Another famous photographer I came by over this weekend was Irving Penn. Known for his portraits, still life, and fashion photography, Mr. Penn’s work has been featured in several famous magazines. What I like most about Mr. Penn’s work is his still life series. Most of his still life feels extremely chaotic and yet also perfectly regimented and organized. Here is a link to his some of his incredible work.


Famous Landscape Photographer (Extra Credit)

Over the weekend I decided to randomly look up some famous photographers and I thought I would share it with you guys. One of the photographers I liked the most was Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams was a landscape photographer who lived from 1902 – 1984. Throughout his life, Ansel Adams helped shape the landscaping industry. I like his photos because they perfectly display the beauty and magnificence of nature. Here is a link for you guys to check out some of his work!

Cellphone Assignment

For my assignment I decided to try a couple of different styles of photos. The first is one I did was the tiny planet. But I decided to create a slideshow of the same tiny planet just zoomed in at different points. The second one is just a normal photo that I edited  using snapseed. Finally the last photo is a photo I edited with Prisma.

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Portrait Photographer

For my portrait photographer, I chose Yousuf Karsh. I like the way he gets his subjects to pose for their photo. It effectively communicates an idea or impression to the viewer. For instance, in the photo of Martin Luther, Mr. Karsh has him looking up towards the sky. This creates an impression of an inspired and principled man. Or for another example, the photo of Winston Churchill creates an impression of a stoic and determined leader. I think Mr. Karsh’s ability to pose his subjects shows the power and importance of positioning within a photo.

Shutter Speed and F/stop Assignment

Shutter Speed Assignment
Shutter Speed Test
From top to bottom –
First: ISO: 800 F- Stop: F/5.0 Shutter Speed: 1/160 sec
Second ISO: 800 F- Stop: F/10 Shutter Speed: 1/50 sec
Third ISO: 400 F- Stop: F/14 Shutter Speed: 1/10 sec
Fourth ISO: 100 F- Stop: F/22 Shutter Speed: 1.0 sec

F-Stop Assignment
F-stop assignment

From top to bottom –
First ISO: 400 F- Stop: F/4.0 Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec
Second ISO: 800 F- Stop: F/8.0 Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec
Third ISO: 800 F- Stop: F/18 Shutter Speed: 1/30 sec
Fourth ISO: 800 F- Stop: F/25 Shutter Speed: 1/13 sec