Camera Phone Assignment

These photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

The first photo was taken at the Kitsap Mall parking lot. The clouds looked like baguettes and this specific filter from the Prisma app made them look like they were on fire.

The second photo was taken on the way to Sequim.

The third photo was taken in Oahu, Hawaii.

The fourth photo was taken in Anacortes at night.



F/Stop & Shutter Speed

F/stop is the focal length you have on your lens. The lower the number is on the F/stop; you get a larger amount of light. The higher the number you go, the less amount of light you get coming in.  Shutter speed is the amount of time your shutter stays open. The longer it stays open, more light is going to come in. The less amount of time the shutter has, not a whole lot of light is going to enter.


This first collage is my use of F/stop. As you can see, there is the progression from f/5, f/5.6, f/8, f/16, f/22 and f/32.



This collage is my focus on shutter speed. A big thanks to my husband for volunteering to be my objective. I shot at 1/250, 1/60, 1/4, 1″.

Shutter Speed

Textures Assignment

The collage to the left is my representation of autumn in Washington. The evergreen trees, school, fallen leaves and sea life. I wanted to get in touch with my PNW roots and thought these pictures would be perfect.  The collage to the right is my take on Life and Death. You have the turkey meatballs, flowers, dead trees, and the dead seal. I saw that my husband was making turkey meatballs for dinner one night and thought, ‘Oh! The texture on those turkey balls are perfect!’ Then I remembered that I had taken a picture of the dead sea lion downtown Bremerton during the class field trip, so then I came up with the Life and Death idea.

Inspirational Photographer

My grandfather Ralph M. Baxter is my inspirational photographer. He was a very well known photographer living in New York and had been in the industry for 30 years. He had a photograph put into the Kodak Exhibition at the World’s Fair when he was 18 and he even traveled throughout Europe to make educational films for McGraw Hill. He also did a lot of traveling throughout Africa taking photos and collecting African sculptures. His photographs were one of a kind, but not only did he photograph animals and everyday life, but he also took photos of celebrities such as Shirley Temple and Charlie Chaplin. He made a huge impact in my life by showing us what life was like through his eyes and to work hard for what you want. He always told me to follow my dreams and that’s what I plan on doing. 

(Below: Charlie Chaplin taken by Ralph Baxter)

(Below: A picture of my father taken by my grandfather Ralph Baxter)