Black and White Images (extra credit)

here is an article on how to specifically take good black and white pictures. I did some black and white pics for my final assignment, but I wish I had read this first. Give it a read if black and white pictures are your thing.

Techniques for Posing Models (Extra Credit)

I really like this article because it has a lot of simple and clear instructions that can help the model and the photographer. A lot of the tips it has are things that the photographer can adjust by themself, without having to instruct the model. I think that is pretty helpful, considering that a lot of people can be overwhelmed by the whole experience of being photographed, and further instruction could be even more overwhelming. I like that this article makes a lot of the posing up to the angle the photographer takes or, at the very least, makes the instructions super clear so any model–experienced or not– can do exactly what it says.–photo-15608


Great Photography Locations in Washington (Extra Credit)

One of the reasons I wanted to take a photography class this last quarter is I wanted to force myself to get out and visit different beautiful locations in the area. I didn’t end up having a whole lot of time to do that during school, but I am hoping this summer I will be able to go and visit a lot of these places in my free time and get more out of my visits because of what I learned in this class. I thought these articles might be relevant to you guys considering that you live in the area too. 😀

Fave Photographer

One of my favorite photographers is my friend, Scott. I like how dark and moody–under exposed, apparently–his work is, and I like the colors he tends to gravitate towards. I tend to like neutral, understated things, so that is probably what draws me to his pictures, and I like how he works a warm tone into the subjects of his photos, while contrasting them with a cool background.

Image may contain: one or more people, closeup and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person



Project 1: Textures

collage of mekkup.jpg

The logic behind this collage is pretty simple–makeup. Specifically, I took pictures of eyeshadow. I was sick all week and I had to find something to photograph in my room, and this was my favorite thing that I found. These specific shades were picked because they remind me of fall and I was feeling a lil festive. All-in-all, this was one of my favorite things to photograph because I liked how pretty and shiny the shadows were and it was fun to zoom in on the textures and see where I did a good job focusing and where I did a less-good job.