Local Photographer (Extra Credit)

One photographer that I am very fond of is Michael Bala. I met Micheal one day at a skate park on Beacon Hill in Seattle. At the time I was not aware he was a talented photographer. But come to find out he is! He has multiple bodies of work and they are all very attractive to me. I believe that all of Michael’s photos are film and are shot on a medium format camera. This gives his images a look that I personally find very pleasing to the eye. A lot of his work is very nostalgic and warm, another aspect of photography that I adore. Below are some images that can be found on his website. (http://cargocollective.com/michaelbala/Recent)

The specific photo of the houses at night are something that I personally want to dabble in. The flash at night gives a very nice feel to the image, almost scary and morbid like.

Bala also has a body of work called “Last Sense” which I will link below.


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