Motion Studies: Life in Motion

For this assignment, I chose to photograph my dogs, Campbell and Garth, a truck on the road, and a table lamp.

Stopped Motion
Garth, top, plays with Campbell, bottom. Their mouths and faces are frozen, while motion blur can be seen in Campbell’s right ear.
ISO 6400, 55 mm, f / 5.6, 1/500 s, exp. +0.80IMG_5400

Motion Blur
Garth, left, and Campbell, right.
ISO 100, 55 mm, f / 5.6, 1/8 s, exp. +1.10IMG_5406

Panning with Action
A Chevrolet pickup truck drives outside of Fish Park in Poulsbo.
ISO 100, 75 mm, f / 10, 1/100 s, exp. +0.50IMG_5554

Zoom Blur
A table lamp shines through cooling holes near the switch.
ISO 800, 55 mm, f / 36, 1/10 sIMG_5879

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