My Texture Assignment

For the underlying logic in my first collage, I decided to exhibit an array of photos that all related to architecture. While I was working on this project, I tried to capture dynamic and differing pictures of architecture. For instance, the bottom left photo in my collage is a picture of a dirty, old, damaged building. While in complete contrast, the photo directly above that, displays a newer and cleaner brick wall. These two photos playfully demonstrate the wide variety of archi-textrue.

Additionally, in my collage I tried to create a nice balance between warm and cool photos. If you look at photos two, three, and six (from left to right) you will see warmer and brighter colors. While in photos one, four, and five you will find cooler  and darker colors.

The underlying logic I tried to create for my second collage, was one of vibrant nature photos. To create this feeling in my photos, I went into lightroom and heavily altered the images. One of the main changes I made to my photos in lightroom was over saturation. I tried to make all of the colors look as bright and vibrant as possible in an attempt to make them look  even slightly unnatural. Ahhhhhh my eyes

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