Macro Shots of Metallic Textures

In my composition of these pieces, I chose to select metallic objects and photograph them as closely as possible, then crop to the focused area and crop out any edges, to make the textures flow together. This helps the viewer focus on the actual textures and avoids providing a context. The viewer may not even recognize the object that the textures belong to. For clarity, I have included a description of the subjects in the captions.

These pieces represent two sets of related metallic textures. The first represents brushed metal with secondary aspects such as rust spots or reflections of light. The second represents varied materials with varied machined or natural textures. I chose metal because it comprises a large set of textures with a common color scheme and a structured approach to texture. First, the base material determines color and the range of characteristics. Secondly, the shape of the material determines the way light hits it. Thirdly, there is an applied texture, possibly from brushing, rusting, or metal crystallization.

Brushed textures, from left to right, top to bottom: 1: ‘Modern’ looking rectangular dish for keys, possibly aluminum, with dimples and brushing; 2: Flat side of a rusted and dirty hand saw blade; 3: Stainless steel with brushing and spot rust; 4: Brushed metal cap for a human-sized pyramidal obelisk on the OC campus; 5: Galvanized steel plate with large crystals 6: Tissue box cover, brushed steelFinal Version-1

Varied metallic materials: 1: Copper alloy or bronzed steel decorative pot lid 2: Curved section of the blade near the tip of an M9 bayonet 3: Nickel-iron meteorite sample from Sikhote-Alin 4: Cubic pyrite crystal, single face 5: Gold flake suspended in oil 6: Polished side of a small metal puzzle, possibly plated or dipped steel

Final Version-2

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