Abstract Portraits

Before doing research for this assignment I admittedly knew no photographers by name and scrambled to find one through looking at various photographed album covers. I eventually found Lygia Clark, a Brazilian artist whose work is primarily through sculptures, but she does have a dozen or so photographs that are so good it makes me wonder why she didn’t take more pictures! Her style is known as neo-concretism which was a style opposed to murals that were being used as propaganda in Latin American countries. It favored geometrical abstraction, except in her photos it is people being photographed with abstract clothing. My favorite of her photos is Máscaras sensoriais, a black and white picture of six people in WW1 gas masks,  donning formal wear underneath. All of her photos have the level of abstraction reminding me of what would happen if you took the perfect still frame from a Luis Bunuel movie. A common theme through each photo is that everyone has some sort of blindfold or headwear that obstructs their vision. Given that she lived in an oppressive regime I can guess at least in part, what she’s trying to represent in these photos. However, what’s most important in determining what kind of photographers you like is simply just personal preference of the aesthetics each photographer has.Portraits

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