My Favorite Photographer

One of my favorite photographers is Dylan Furst. I don’t really actively go out of my way to look at pictures, but he is easily accessible on Instagram so I see his pictures a lot. I think one of the things I like is that he is based in Bellingham –a place I visit often with my friends– and I guess that makes his work seem a little more personal to me. He definitely travels a lot, but the fact that he can take cool pictures here, near where I live, is inspiring because it shows that I have really lovely things around me and I don’t need to go far to find jaw-dropping scenery.

But more specific to his work, what I like is he is able to take scenery and nature and incorporate human elements to it. I like that he leaves people’s tracks –school buses, houses, cars, etc.– in his nature shots because I think it makes the picture seem a little bit more tangible. I want to be able to develop this skill because one thing I want to do with photography is use it in my scrapbooks. I want to take pictures of places and have subtle hints that I (and the people I am with) are there, without having our presence overwhelm the picture.

I also think a lot of his pictures have a personality (see the bear picture ) and I like how his pictures have mostly somber, dark colors with one happy pop of bright color. deceptionport.jpgwaving bear square.jpgSAKSUN - PRINT.jpg

huskies web2.jpg