A Story to be Told

Character is essential to photography. Every actor, every landscape – every image – has a story to be told. How that story is presented and sold is where the beauty and difficulty of photography lies. But despite its complexity and dimension, Janske, a photographer on Instagram, has mastered and displayed this ability in a simplistic yet artful way. For instance, Jankse uses a variety of tricks to create a single character for his image.  From changing the focus of the image, to brightening, or fading colors the viewer can’t help but become fixated on a single story. Additionally, I believe Jankse creatively uses the background of his photos to provide a powerful context for each one of his characters. This helps convey to the viewer that his characters have some dimension and depth beyond the first glance. Ultimately, I believe it is Jankse’s targeted story telling style that makes his art so appealing to me.

After looking at just a few of his recent posts I became inspired to capture pictures in a similar style. As a young, amateur photographer, I feel like it can be extremely easy to take photos that feel busy and chaotic. Someday, I would like to learn how to tell a story through a picture as well as Janske does.  926207_447224705381275_1177381725_n10632307_762060863835334_2021390684_n12424518_1735063623390756_1398164004_n

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